Soda Rock Ramblers

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The Soda Rock Ramblers, united by their love of traditional music, delight dancers and listeners alike with their unique blend of spirited music featuring old-time American fiddle tunes from the South and Midwest and the haunting melodies from the Southwest, including Mexican tunes, music of the Rio Grande (Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado), and the beautiful and rare Gu-achi tunes from Arizona. Rounding out their repertoire are ragtime pieces and music from other parts of the world. Among them they play fiddle, mandolin, guitar, accordion, guittaron, bass, mandola, octave mandolin, manjo-uke, and banjo-uke. The SRR have appeared at festivals, concerts, house concerts, and square and contra dances throughout the West. Their dance music will keep you moving and their concerts showcase lovely harmonies and original compositions.
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